LoFi Brian, aka DeFi Brian, has truly taken over the crypto world with his skills, strategies, and his NFT collection SoundMint.


A lot has already been spoken about how a few people, especially from the younger brigade, have been trying to take over their desired industries and sectors worldwide. Most of these individuals exceed limits to showcase what they truly possess as people and professionals and what they are capable of doing and achieving in their respective industries. The world knows how challenging and demanding the crypto and the NFT space can get, but a handful of them still pave their own path to success, just like LoFi Brian, aka DeFi Brian, did in the industry as a true-blue advisor, founder, and NFT collector. His choices in the field have been quite brave, which have helped him attain a prominent name in the industry.


LoFi Brian says that right from the beginning, if anything that attracted his attention the most, it was all things digital and tech. Noticing how the tech world boomed over the years, he wished to be a part of the industry to create a unique niche for himself through his work. He made sure to gain as much information and knowledge as possible and went all in to make waves in the industry. Today, he is doing just that and has climbed the ladder of success as an incredible founder and advisor in the industry.


He is the brain behind his NFT collection called SoundMint (@soundmintxyz), which is about generative music NFTs. They are a combination of musical stems and visual layers that seamlessly blend into beautiful audio-visual pieces through their proprietary algorithm. Each of its drop is linked with the SoundMint brand and tied to their smart contracts. The individual stems and art components are made by an artist and blended together by their SoundMint algorithm. Also, since their files are large, they are not fully on-chain, but provenance is on-chain.


LoFi Brian makes sure to encourage people to buy and hold these NFTs and gain future exclusive access to their favourite artists in a whole new way with more exciting ways to connect.

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