The API3DAO is rising to be one of the most talked-about Web3 API Economy in the tech world.


It is so astounding to learn and know more about all those brands, businesses, and platforms that offer something unique from the rest in their respective industries and sectors around the world. These brands and businesses have provided excellent opportunities to take their niches to the next level of success, thriving on the many innovations they make under the leadership of a learned and passionate team of professionals. The tech space especially has seen the rise of many such platforms that exude the power and influence of the Web3 world, offering great opportunities to people to flourish. Doing that and much more in the world of Web3 is one such platform named API3, which is rising to be one of the most talked-about Web3 API Economy.


Recently, the team at API3 introduced #QRNG (the Web3 Quantum Random Number Generator) powered by the @PhysicsANU Quantum Optics Group. They announced that the first true random number generator for smart contracts is available on 13 networks as a free-to-use public utility. Speaking more about what is QRNG, the team at API3 explains that smart contract platforms emulate a deterministic virtual machine, which cannot generate random numbers. Hence, random number generation (RNG) needs to be provided as an oracle service. QRNG is a method of random number generation that is based on quantum phenomena.


The WEB3 API Economy is known for creating trustless apps that interact with Web APIs. Since first-party oracles are the next-generation technology to access off-chain data, API3 is leading the movement from legacy third-party oracle networks to first-party oracle solutions that deliver more efficiency, security, and data-source transparency. API3 also has its forum, which has grown as a place to discuss everything API3.


The platform has risen to the top for taking giant steps ahead in the Web3 space and has garnered many headlines for all the right reasons in a short span of time.

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