The latest collection in the NFT world has been garnering massive headlines already.


There is so much happening around the world, across different industries and sectors. These changes and developments can be attributed to the immense hard work, passion, and determination of many incredibly talented professionals, but most importantly, to their abilities to leverage the power of the digital and the whole of the tech space in their work. This ability has led them and their brands and businesses to where they are today and have helped them create a unique niche for themselves in ways more than one. The digital financial industry is one that has seen the rise of many such brands, platforms, communities, and collections, among which one name that has been making a lot of buzz lately is Ape, also known as Just Ape.


What has attracted more attention towards Ape is that this particular NFT collection goes beyond being just a usual collection in the space and takes people back to the basics while also making sure to take giant steps ahead in the field with its one-of-a-kind collection. This unique quality of the collection has easily attracted the attention of people towards it and also encouraged them to be a part of its growing community. Its Discord already has more than 2 lakh members and growing each passing day, which is yet another proof of how well the community is spreading its wings across the DeFi space in unimaginable ways.


The team at Ape highlights that they are a collection of 10,000 Apes that take people back to the basics, and none of it is fluff; everything holds great value. The community in the DeFi space, as a relatively newer NFT community, has been slowly but steadily making a name for itself for being honest in its mission and expanding as a genuine effort to help people take multiple steps ahead in their Web3 game.


The team recently celebrated 300,000 followers and offered people three rounds, with 1 mint per Allowlisted wallet, 2 mints per Allowlisted wallet, and Public.

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