Shahid Sharif Aka Shahid Zaki – A Determined Young Digital Entrepreneur

Shahid Sharif Aka Shahid Zaki – A Determined Young Digital Entrepreneur, Who Grabbed Success and Is Not Planning to Letting It Go!   

We are struck in a never-ending loop that starts with criticism and ends with failure. The only way to break that loop is by believing in yourself and never ceasing to work harder.


We let other people’s opinions drown on our voice, our dreams and our aspirations. Infinitesimal people have the power and determination to chase their dreams despite of all the opinions and judgement thrown on them.


One such personality is Shahid Sharif, a 29-year-old young and ambitious entrepreneur from the country of Pakistan. He has been very successful in the IT sector, which is incredible for a person who belongs to an area where basic facilities that support training in the IT sector are scarce.


Shahid Sharif was raised in a small backward village of Kasur District in Pakistan. His career journey started from a Pentium 2 computer station. When Shahid was in his 9th grade, he got deeply infatuated by his PC. Notwithstanding the endless admonishments and disagreement from his family, Shahid went forward to pursue his obsession for computers!


Shahid Sharif urf, Shahid Zaki, made a life changing decision when he moved out to the city of Lahore, Pakistan. He then pursued Computer Sciences in B.Sc. in order to complete his training and intermediate education in the Field of IT. The city of Lahore flourished Shahid with endless opportunities and chances of career growth.


Today, Shahid Zaki has climbed extraordinary levels in the IT world. He wishes to keep up with his progress in the sector. Shahid also runs a multidimensional company known by Frame Hype LLP. The company is very promising and has enormous potential in  branding, designing, developing and social media marketing services for numerous national and international clients.


Shahid Sharif looks over the Social Media Marketing and Management part of his business. Managing and updating social media profiles (like Facebook, YouTube) for his clients and drawing unlimited audience through these platforms are a few among the many tasks performed by him.


Shahid further has an intention to build an ecosystem for supporting fresh and growing IT startups. Through this organization, Shahid plans to discover other content creators in the  remote areas and flourishing them with enough opportunities for their growth.


The company hunts for individuals passionate about making a change through their content and their IT skills. They work to support those who cannot afford further training in the sector due to any financial and personal problems.


Frame Hype association pursues to provide these new prodigies with sufficient resources and opportunities in order to upgrade their skill set and simultaneously ensuring proper molding of their talents and interests.


Shahid Sharif faced many disheartening situations that blocked the start of his journey. He  believes that lack of appropriate resources was one of the major challenges in his career. Inaccessibility to proper resources and guidance was a big obstacle stalling his goals.


Therefore, he wishes to deliver these opportunities to similar young and ambitious entrepreneurs. He is also ensuring that they don’t have any unnecessary hindrances in their path for chasing their dreams. To know more about this young lad check his Facebook profile.

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