LMRC has denied taking up any responsibility of the miss happening that took place on Thursday morning. A student’s death was reported due to fall of billboard on him. To this, LMRC says that all the barricades in front of Lucknow University are tightly hooked. The rail corporation also states that no Lucknow Metro barricade (s) had fallen this morning. The clear ignorance of LMRC on such incidence is Worth considering.

Death of student on his way to school

  • According to report, the boy who died named Mohammad Ismail Syed.
  • Ismail was 17 year old and lived in Sandila with his family.
  • Ismail was a 12th standard student at Colvin Tallukhdar College.
  • According to his daily routine , he was travelling from Parivartan Chowk to Hanuman setu with his friend Zaeen Khan.
  • A huge billboard fell on Ismail when as he reached University of Lucknow.
  • Due to which Ismail died on the spot.
  • Whereas the other student was critically injured.

The incident stirred up the people

  • The metro employees rescued the trapped students in hurry .
  • Hasanganj police and Mahanager police reported at sight as soon as they got information.
  • Mahanager police admitted the injured student in Vivekanand Hospital and took Ismail’s dead body under custody for post martem.
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