The DeFi world brings along many advancements which bear the potential to give optimum results in the future.


Web 2.0 brought along some significant changes that were way ahead of their time. With many technological advancements having taken place which brought in a whole new world of opportunities along, came digital assets which made headlines and became popular, though a little late after they were initially introduced. These introductions brought about a revolution, opening up vast opportunities for people who wanted to dwell deep into it. The DeFi world changed the face of the game turning the world around, introducing cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which became a rage within no time. Many players stepped in to bring on their own unique projects, all related to the digital asset sphere.


Fernando Martinelli too thought that this is where the future was heading towards and started to learn more about this space, as he came from a completely different background but was drawn towards this digital asset space as it appealed to him strongly, and he was keen on knowing about it in depth. What followed were a series of digging sessions revolving around the subject till he found the right project to back and bring forward in front of the world named – Balancer Labs, which is one of the emerging platforms for programmable liquidity. The platform reduces Ethereum gas fees through vault architecture and allows users to trade between Balancer Pools at a fraction of the cost of trading on other platforms. Balancer Protocol is more than an Automated Market Maker; it’s a building block for the entire DeFi ecosystem.


According to Fernando, Balancer comes across as a boon for both traders and investors as it offers decentralized trades at optimal prices for traders. Furthermore, Balancer enables efficient trading by pooling crowdsourced liquidity from investor portfolios and using its Smart Order Router to find traders the best available price. Whereas, it is extremely useful for investors as it turns the concept of an index fund on its head, instead of paying fees to portfolio managers to rebalance portfolios, users collect fees from traders who rebalance their portfolio by following arbitrage opportunities.

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