Vastu Tips for Career – What Not to Do

1. Never sit under a beam

2. Avoid sitting with your back towards an entrance door.

3. Never hang posters or scenery of water body on a wall behind you; it denotes lack of support.
4. Never sit cross legged.
5. Avoid circular, oval or irregular shaped furniture at workplace.
6. Avoid cluttered workplace.
7. Avoid congested places for working. 
8. Avoid noisy offices.
9. Avoid metal or plastic furniture.
10. Avoid sharp edged or pointed furniture.
12. Never hang negative pictures, such as, war, violence, crying baby or lady etc.
13. Never keep the workplace in pitch dark. For home office, make sure that the master bedroom and office room aren’t adjacent. 

Vastu Tips for Career – What You MUST Do
1. On the wall behind you, hang a poster of mountains. This strengthens support. 
2. An open space ahead you, while working, represents openness and new ideas will come to you.
3. For conference rooms, try to sit at the SW corner and this must be the farthest from the entrance of conference room.
4.The furniture must be either square or rectangular. Square is better.
5. Wooden furniture is considered best.
6. If your workplace is in West, you can buy a glass-top table.
7. If any of the furniture is broken, either get it repaired or change it immediately.
8. Make sure that you have high back chairs. They signify support and are good medically.
9. Fix any leaking taps or water faucets as they signify loss of money.
10. Face either East or North while doing business. North is better for monetary gains.
11. Keeping plants in SE corner of office supports business and money growth.
12.You can also place or light a lamp in the SE part of office. This will attract money and good luck.
13. Always keep your office well lit.
14. Try to keep fresh flowers in East side of your office.
15. Heat generating instruments such as, computers, machines, heaters etc. must be kept in SE.
16. If you’re an artist, student, or writer etc. then make sure that your room is away from all distractions. 
17. If you’re the owner of a business or CEO of a company then make sure that you get the SW room at office and you sit in the SW corner of this room             with  your face in North.
18. Keep the NE part of your workplace clean and tidy.
19. Keep finished products if you’re in manufacturing in NW; this speeds up selling.
20. Make sure that the center of room is open and free.
21. Make sure that all windows and doors are clean.
23. You can place a water fountain in NE of your table or in your office cabin.
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