Having learnt the workings of this space in depth, he updates on what’s happening around it on social media.


Palis is a known name who has a humongous following as he updates his followers about the latest happenings of the DeFi world. His Twitter @curvethots is abuzz with activities related to the digital asset space, which has catapulted his popularity to extreme levels, as many netizens who are interested in trading and investing in digital assets follow him diligently as every piece of advice he gives has turned out to be beneficial for many. He has been around the scene for quite a long time now and has grasped the workings of the space in detail, which he imparts his social media channels.


He says that though this space is extremely lucrative and has exhibited tremendous performance, one needs to be cautious before investing as the wrong ones can disturb your financial health to a great extent. “NFTs are brilliant business opportunities for popular online personalities who have a large base of social media followers, as they have built trust amongst their followers who go by their word without knowing the consequences. However, I would advice before blindly following their social media icon, they need to check out the facts as it’s their hard-earned money. I do take care in bringing forward the facts associated with the industry through my Tweets, so that none are misguided and end up losing their investments,” informs Palis.


According to him, the NFT trend will become so huge in the coming months, that we would see thousands of NFT collections being dropped back-to-back by industry players, celebs and influencers alike. He strongly feels that NFTs are here to stay, but they will go through a major correction cycle in the future and a majority of them would become defunct while a few would give unbelievable results, without any doubts. NFTs are everywhere right now, from celebrities to fashion brands to gaming, they are being utilized wherever possible and there would be a time when it will become a part of our daily lives in the same way as digital payment applications took over big time in the past years.


Talking about the future of NFTs, Palis says that these would enter almost every sphere, as they hold huge potential and the possibilities are endless. It will take over and mark its presence everywhere, right from real world to Metaverses.

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