Meet Dayakaran Singh – a first Turbaned Vlogger from India leaving irremovable footprints.

Needless to say, that things that are audio-visual in nature are received considerably better than those that are simply in a written format. This is the primary reason for vlogs’ enormous appeal.

The social respect that comes with it is increasing with tome. Parents in India are increasingly recognising vlogging as a viable job option for their children. The biggest benefit of this job path is that it does not require any specific educational qualifications to thrive.

According to Dayakaran the majority of us at that age still have no understanding of how the world works and Many still have no idea who they wanted to be when they grew up. The majority of dreams do not come true because they do not align with people’s passions. I graduated with a degree in engineering, but I’ve had a strong desire to make films since I was a child, which led to my becoming the country’s first Turbaned Vlogger.

Vlogging is a creative field, and one can only survive if they have some authentic and informative vlogs in addition to entertainment. This is a difficult field to break into because new competitors will emerge on a regular basis. As a result, you should pursue this career path only if you are certain of your enthusiasm for the field. Now by sharing Dayakaran’s
post, this will teach you all you need to know about vlogging.

Choose your Niche:

One of the first things you’ll need to do when you decide to start an internet business is pick a niche. Having a specialisation allows you to focus your marketing and content creation efforts, as well as expand your following and connect with sponsors and advertising. You must choose a niche whether you want to start a blog, a social media business, an e-commerce platform, or any other type of internet business.
By choosing your niche you’ll be able to focus your efforts on a particular area of expertise plus it will keep you in touch with a targeted and interested audience.

Make your presence possible:

Maintaining your activity can help you gain credibility by projecting a favourable and trustworthy image to your peers and enhancing your domain. Staying engaged will keep you informed about the most recent trends in your field.

Follow a well strategic plan:

The strategic planning process is for the purpose to build plans to attain their overall, long-term goals. Vlogging is an overnight business,it will take through so many ups and downs,through hope and despair. So to keep your process in flow you need to craft out a well strategic plan.

Don’t expect much in the beginning:

Being a realistic guy in the digital world will save you from some many heartbreaks. When you think that you are going to be famous just in a few days; you are mistaken. It takes years to build up a digital base and once you find you don’t have as many as you expected, you can easily become dissatisfied. So patience is much needed through out the process and in the beginning in particular.

Improve your skills:

Make reasonable objectives for yourself, reflect on your skills, recognise them, and know how to put them to good use. The greatest way to strengthen a skill is to practice it, and nothing can stop you from attaining what you’re working toward

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