There are some instances and some people whom we do not forget even though they might have just been there in our lives for a fleeting time

On 26 April 2018 Human I am Foundation organised and initiated the project named ‘Kiran’ at Sarthak Foundation Chinhat Lucknow. The main motive was to provide useful facilities for good education of children.

Human I am Foundation is working since 4 to 5 years of social issues and improvement of society.

This institution believes in the principle of ‘humanity is a religion’ where people fight on issues like mutual contention and caste. This institution teaches to communicate and spread love and brotherhood.

Human I am Foundation

During this program children receive 500 notebooks, 100 pens, 50 pencil packets, Candy packets and also essential ingredients were distributed.

A quality education grants us the ability to fight the war on ignorance and poverty.

Gaurav human, a founder human I am Foundation, Satya Singh, PR Mahila Samman kosh, Pratiksha Chauhan, Janvi Yadav- state secretary Samajwadi Chatra Sabha, Ritesh Singh, Nitin, Piyush Sharma -founder Sarthak Foundation, Shailendra Singh- founder Grah Sobha magazine, Shivam Sharma, Seema, Prashant, Bhavna, Deepika, Parvati, Mahima and Neha were present during the event.

Human I am Foundation

Gaurav human, founder of Human I am Foundation said:

“By doing this type of event we can create and carry forward the feeling of humanity and message of Unity in between various communities and a message for upcoming generation that doing any work together makes work successful.

So by this we can teach every child more prominently as it is said every small thing creates big happiness and by this we can make smile every child as well it helps in education too.

Human I am Foundation

Smile on those Little faces meant alot

It is said that if you want people should follow you then first you have to step forward alone to define your work similarly the following Foundation is working by collecting materials or amount according to the person and their will to contribute rather than any Government support.

During the program 95 students from the Sarthak Foundation were present and the enthusiasm for getting education related material was seen among them. Each and every student showed their hidden talent. Some danced on song Bom diggy Bom and by singing poems like Twinkle Twinkle. Also children did Bhangra on the beat of dholak.

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