What each color signifies?


Red is a bold color. It represents lust, passion, materialism, base energies, bravery, power, drama, emotions, action, passion, aggressiveness, warmth, energy and vibrancy. Its nature is active and stimulates hunger .  
You can use red color at places that need warmth and energy. Try putting combination of red color shades (not too much) in the living room and see how lively that room becomes.  
People suffering from depression or who’re nervous should avoid red color as it can be very stressful.

Sky and water are represented by this color. Blue also signifies beauty, tranquility, contentment, emotions, inspiration, devotion, truth and mercy. It’s a color that helps healing and reduces pain.  
You can use blue colors in areas that are huge. Avoid using blue for small rooms. Always make sure to choose lighter shades of blue while coloring walls of your home. Try to avoid more of blue color in office, shop or factory.
Avoid having too much blue in the house as it’ll lead to cough, cold and similar medical issues.

Growth, nature, relaxation, healing, fertility, abundance, prosperity, positive energy, rebirth, re-creation etc. are the attributes represented by green color. Since it represents healing that’s why you’ll notice more of green color in hospitals.  
Another important quality of green color is that it helps to calm down temper and helps soothe the mood. Hence, people or couples with temperament issues can use more of green color.

White color signifies purity, cleanliness, openness, innocence, simplicity and luxury. Since it also represents privacy and intimacy, you should not paint the whole house white, else you may become egocentric.  
You must make sure to have the whole ceiling of the house in white color.

Yellow represents happiness, purity, positive thoughts, optimism, openness, illumination, intelligence, study, stable mind, wealth and concentration. Yellow has broadening effect i.e. it can be used at places or rooms that aren’t big; this’ll make the place look bigger than it actually is.  
The solar plexus chakra (out of the 7 chakras) of the human body has yellow color. Hence, people having behavioral issues can use more of yellow color.

Orange color characterizes pride, determination, goals, communication, good health, vivacity, warmth, action, energy, comfort and ease.  
It’s a color that can be used by people who feel depressed with life. Also, young aspirants who’re willing to put in determined efforts to achieve goals in their life should use more of orange color.
It’s a color that can be used by people who feel depressed with life. Also, young aspirants who’re willing to put in determined efforts to achieve goals in their life should use more of orange color.
 However, make sure not to use too much of orange just use it in moderation.

Brown represents satisfaction, contentment, comfort, stability and earth element. It’s a masculine color and can be used by anyone who wants to feel happy and satisfied in his life.  

Purple is the color of luxury, riches, graciousness, self-respect and poise. It can be used by people who’re suffering from inferiority complex .  

All the pastel colors are considered best in vastu shastra. In-fact as per vastu shastra, we should be using very light colors for walls and ceiling of our home.  

Neutral colors are also considered very good in vastu shastra and are recommended for houses and other buildings.  
Here’s an example for better understanding: 
Kid’s Bedroom Colors: 
Some of the best colors that you can choose to use in kid’s bedroom are light green and shades of light yellow. This’ll help the kids to concentrate more on studies and less on wasting their time. Avoid using dark blue color for kid’s bedroom as it may lead to health issues like running nose, cough and cold etc. Also avoid more of red color in kid’s bedroom as it may lead to temperament issues.
Living Room Colors:
Living room is the place where you entertain your guests and also spend quality time with your family. Now, depending upon the location of living room in your home you need to settle on for the best colors. Just keep one thing in mind that the living room (with the chosen colors) should look serene and welcoming.
Here’s an example: Suppose, in a house, the living room is in NW. From the previous section of the article, you know that the best color for NW is white and its shades. Hence, you can use more of white color in the living room. Obviously, using only white color won’t make the living room lively and welcoming; hence you can use tinges of some other colors too such as, blue, green, a bit of red, light yellow and more.
The Pooja room is the sacred room or part of the house. As per vastu shastra, the best place to locate a pooja room is NE part. Also, from the previous section of the article, you can relate that the best colors for NE are yellow, green and blue.
Hence, the best colors for pooja room are light yellow, white, cream, light green, light blue etc. Please avoid using dark colors especially red, black, brown etc.
Kitchen Colors:
As per vastu shastra, the best place to locate a kitchen is the SE corner of the house (NW is the second best). Also, you might know that SE is the place of “Fire” element and fire is represented by red color. Hence, the kitchen must have some tinge of red color (may be a stripe here and a strip there) or you can have a red dinner set. White, silver, yellow, orange, rose, light chocolate etc. are best to use as floor and wall colors of kitchen. Again, avoid using dark colors.
Bathroom & Toilet Colors:
Bathrooms and toilets are best colored using light colors such as white, light yellow, shades of light blue, lime green, light pink etc. Avoid using dark colors for walls, floors and tiles in bathroom and toilets.
Here’s an example: As per vastu shastra, one of the best location for a bathroom is the West side of the house. Also, from the previous section of the article you can understand that the best color for West side is Blue. Hence, if there’s a bathroom in West of your home, then try to have blue color accommodated in it. You can have white and blue color wall tiles.
Staircase Colors: 
Having light colored staircase in a home is very good as per vastu shastra. While coloring staircases in your home, please avoid using red, black or any dark color.
You might be aware that NW is one of the best location to make a staircase in your home and from the previous section of the article you can relate that the best color for NW of the house is white. Hence, white (it’s shades) and other light colors are best suited for a staircase in a home. More on staircase vastu
Main Door/Entrance Color:
The entrance of the house is one of the most crucial things in vastu shastra as that’s the place from where all the energy (positive or negative) enters your home. Now, depending upon the location of main door, you need to choose colors. Just make sure that the colors you choose are light colors and they all make the entrance look grand and welcoming.
Here’s an example: Suppose the entrance of a house is from North, from the previous section, we can relate that the best colors for North is green and it’s shades. Now, an entrance that’s completely green isn’t going to look very good; hence, you can choose more colors that’ll look good in combination with green color. Just make sure to have some amount of green coloring on or near the entrance. You can also place plants (small and lush green ones) near the entrance to achieve this.
Car Parking or Garage Colors:
White, cream, yellow and other colors in light shades are good for car parking or garage in your home. Also, make sure that the garage is as per vastu shastra; more about car parking .
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