In a first, Cardiological Society of India a non-profit organisation on Saturday announced the launch of an app that can help people suffering from heart disease with rapid and accurate information about the nearest health care centres.

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“Heart Attack” App:

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  • The app named “Heart Attack”, would guide patients with real time information about the nearest hospital capable of immediate care.
  • It will also show details of physician or cardiologists.
  • Harsh Vardhan, the Science and Technology Minister, said in a statement.
  • “To help the patients with heart attack, CSI has launched first time a Heart Attack App.
  • In addition, Delhi CSI is also launching a Heart Attack Registry.
  • Furthermore,which will track these travel times and suggest improvements”.
  • “Heart attacks and cerebrovascular diseases are now number one killer in India”.

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  • While increased coronary care units and angioplasty in hospitals has helped during incidences of heart attacks.
  • It has been noted that maximum benefit has happened when there is a systematic.
  • In addition,organised network right from general physician, efficient ambulance service and advanced heart centres.
  • This saves time imperative in heart attack cases.
  • Delhi CSI is also planning to launch such an organised network.
  • Through which a patient can diagnosed early, transported fast to a “Heart Care” enabled hospital to undergo necessary treatments.
  • The app, working on Android OS, will be available exclusively in Delhi from World Heart Day, falling on Sep 29.

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