After 21 Years, Google Homepage is getting a facelift.To help its users gather information about unfolding natural, man-made or humanitarian disasters, Google has added SOS Alerts to its search results and maps tools.

According to a Google post:

  • According to a Google post on Tuesday.
  • People can get access to critical information and resources from local authorities.
  • First responders, and will shown news articles.
  • In addition, emergency telephone numbers and other useful information in a single place.
  • Google said,during a crisis, people need real-time information.
  • Whether they’re experiencing an issue on the ground.
  • Or trying to understand the situation from a far.
  • In addition, we want our products to give people quick access to important information.
  • Such as what is going on and where it is happening.
  •  To help them stay safe and informed.
  • When SOS Alert is activated.
  • Google maps tool suggests which areas should be avoided.
  • In addition, the roads that have closed and places where people can seek refuge in.

According to a report:

  • According to a report.
  • Data gathered from the firm’s crowdsourced Waze mapping platform also makes it possible to see where traffic jams.
  • In addition, accidents and other problems have reported by the public.
  • The report said,the level of detail shown within the search tool depends on whether the person carrying out the query is close to the incident.
  • If nearby, they are presented with links to official alerts, tweets from first responders and useful short phrases in the local language.


  • Google has collaborated with several government bodies.
  • The Red Cross and other organizations.
  • To help provide SOS Alerts in 12 countries, including the US, Japan, Philippines, Australia and Canada.
  • Google’s Public Alerts complement SOS Alerts.
  • By helping the local and public authorities communicate emergency messages.
  • Specifically related to official weather, public safety and earthquake alerts.
  • According to reports, Google has set up a team to decide which events warranted an SOS Alert.
  • But it is yet to be known how many people have been entrusted the job.
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