A Hindi play ‘Footpath ka Samrat’ was staged at Rai Umanath Bali Auditorium on Wednesday 22 Nov 2017. The play was staged under the regular series of stage dramas organised by Surya Rang Mandal.

The play is written by Vijay Tendulkar as Footpath ka Samrat or the Sidewalk Emperor, the play was conceptualised by Vivek Mishra and Rama Jaiswal.

Both had tried to bring out the struggle of those who live on streets and footpaths, compiling various situations altogether, they tried to express the tough times people face on footpath, the rudeness of society they go through every day and the different situations they face living on the footpath with a punch of laughter in it. The play begins with introducing different characters living on footpath. Among all the other characters are the protagonists of the play Shahir and Tukya. Both of them are best of friends.
They discuss their daily routine with each other and talk about their secrets. Both of them dream to go to moon at least once in their life.

One day, they met the king of Daldalpur who announced to send rocket on the moon. Being greedy to get the opportunity, both of them after many hardships convinces the king to let them go at the moon.
What happens next was worthwhile watching. At the end both of them return to their daily footpath life.
The dangers were also showcased beautifully adding a pinch of emotional touch spreading the message as He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.


I would coax the actors who looked beyond with the spectacular play. What the audience finally saw is a real mix and match – of formats, scenes and characters created by Vijay Tendulkar.

Suni Dixit, Rahul Mishra, Sana Khan, Shubham and Neha Verma with their flawless act won many hearts.



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