Increase in cigarette prices may reduce smoking in elderly
June, 23 2018 15:37
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Increase in cigarette prices may reduce smoking in elderly

By: Shivani Arora

Published on: Sun 20 Aug 2017 03:20 PM

Uttar Pradesh News Portal : Increase in cigarette prices may reduce smoking in elderly

Raising cigarette prices by a dollar can increase the possibility of older people quitting smoking by 20 per cent, researchers say.

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What experts say?

  • Expert said,older smokers have been smoking for a long time.
  • And tend to have lower rates of smoking cessation compared to younger populations.
  • Suggesting deeply entrenched behaviour that is difficult to change.
  • In addition, our finding that increase in cigarette prices were associated with quitting smoking in the older population.
  • Furthermore, suggests cigarette taxes may be a particularly effective lever for behaviour change.
  • The researchers looked at included smokers ranging in age from 44 to 84 and stretched across six different places.
  • In addition to finding that current smokers were 20% more likely to quit smoking when pack prices went up by a dollar.
  • Researchers’ team showed there was a three per cent overall reduction in smoking risk.
  • However, when the data was narrowed to heavy smokers, there was a 7% reduction in risk.

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Price increased:

  • When prices increased by a dollar, heavy smokers also showed a 35 per cent reduction in the average number of cigarettes.
  • They smoked per day, compared to 19 per cent less in the overall smoking population.
  • Since heavy smokers smoke more cigarettes per day initially.
  • They may feel the impact of a price increase to a greater degree.
  • And be more likely to cut back on the number of cigarettes they smoke on a daily basis.

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Based on results from this study published in the journal Epidemiology, raising cigarette prices appears to be a better strategy for encouraging smoking cessation across all ages.

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