Get your nails healthy and shiny!
June, 20 2018 22:20
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Get your nails healthy and shiny!

By: Shivani Arora

Published on: Thu 17 Aug 2017 07:26 PM

Uttar Pradesh News Portal : Get your nails healthy and shiny!

Increase your intake of iron, calcium and massage your nails with olive oil to keep your nails healthy, say experts.

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Some tips by experts:

  • Continuous applications of nail polish make nails go dull.
  •  Rub lemon at least thrice in a week to get rid of yellowness.
  •  You can also massage your nails every alternative day for about three to
    five minutes with olive or coconut oil to add moisture to them.
  •  Furthermore,repeat the process and you’ll restore shine within few days.
  • In addition,nails tend to get dry when exposed to water repeatedly.
  • So, to lock in the natural moisture of the nails, simply massage your nails
    with any good quality oil every day to prevent your nails from getting dry
    and brittle.
  •  You can apply lukewarm oil and leave overnight.

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  • Furthermore,it softens the nails andcuticles and moisturise your hands.
  • Increase your intake of iron, calcium, zinc, and vitamins A, C, D and E.
  • All these nutrients are essential for healthy and shiny nails.
  • One of the most common items that has all these ingredients is yogurt.
  • Also, eat foods rich in protein to give your nails the essential strength,health.
  • And shine because nails are made up of the structural proteins known as keratin.
  • Practice good nail hygiene.
  • Keep fingernails dry and clean.
  • Avoid using chemicals on your nails.

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