WannaCry also known as Wanna Crypt….A name of malware which is used for global ransomware attack targeting Microsoft Operating Systems around the globe. This virus is so dangerous that it can destroy all the information and can even lock your system that you can’t access afterwards. This virus is now targeting the Indian Banking System for which the cyber experts have created an alert.

Know how this virus works :

  • WannaCry is a virus which can easily ransomware your system.
  • The processes includes HTTP request which is send by malware.
  • This request is sent to a random domain name in its early stage of execution.
  • If the HTTP call fails, the malware encrypts the user’s files, requests ransom.
  • After that it will spread to other vulnareble machines.
  • On the other hand, if HTTP call is successful, the malware exits,
  • Along with this it halts the encrypting files and spreading itself.
  • This information and the procedure about the Wanna Crypt virus was researched by Malware Tech.
  • This virus is now heading towards India and its Banking System.
  • For which this virus already shows the early signs of its arrival,
  • As some of the banks get affected by this virus and some atm’s were kept shut due to this issue.
  • Along with this some of the cyber experts of India have warned the Banking System to keep a close watch on this.
  • As this virus may soon come to India and may destroy Banking essentials.
  • WannaCry the ransomware cyber attack that has affected computers worldwide,
  • Now showed the early signs of arrival affecting sates like West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Kerala.
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