The Amarnath Terror attacks are still in the headlines.During the course of rescue a number of human were highlighted . Bus driver Sheikh Saleem Gafoor became a national hero after he saved the pilgrims.Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam had been really moved by the driver’s act of courage.

Saleem’s presence of mind

  • Saleem carefully drove the packed bus despite his tire being shot and engine seizing up to save lives of the pilgrims.
  • The bus had 56 passengers on board when the terrorists attacked. he attack left 7 dead and over 30 people injured.
  • But had it not been for Saleem’s presence of mind, the casualties would’ve been much more.

Sonu awarded  the driver with Rs 5 lakh

  • Singer Sonu Nigam lauded this driver’s act of courage in Mumbai today.
  • Sonu has pledged Rs 5 lakh to the driver as a kind gesture.
  • A close friend of Sonu said, “Mr Nigam was really moved by the driver’s courage and his presence of mind.”
  • Furthermore he added that sonu made sure that the driver was tracked down. He also ensured that the money reached him safely.
  • It’s an inspiring gesture by the singer, as he made sure that such unsung heroes are awarded.
  • The singer gives utmost importance to such acts of bravery and kindness.
  • Sonu said, “Such people are always given a bravery award or medal for their actions by the government.”
  • He believes that they should be financially rewarded for their goodness and amazing presence of mind.
  • It has heaps of effect in doing what one needs to do and what should be done in extreme circumstances.
  • Sonu believes in the act of humanity and he has been actively involved in many social work activities.
  • He also maintained that this is a small gesture on his side. Saleem deserveses more appreciation for his quick thinking and unbiased help.
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