Why Tulsi And Ganga Jal is Placed In the mouth of Dead Body?


According to the scriptures, placing a basil leaf in the the mouth and on the head of a dying person , brings peace and purity to his Atma.

Ganges water also provides purity to the body, and it is said that when ganga jal pours in the mouth of a dying person, then after the death their soul attains Sadgati .


We all know that, in Sanatan Dharma we perform rituals from birth to death of that person, there is always a scientific reason behind it. Mostly , at the time of a person’s death we can see that the mouth of dying person remains open,so to purify the negative waves which is coming out from the dead body, we pour Ganga jal and basil leaves to attract sattva energy … from these two Sattvik Objects placed in the mouth of dead body.

This stops the negative waves and keeps the environment clean. And at the same time it prevents the entry of negative energy through the mouth which makes the inner self of the person pure.

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