After the release of Sacred Games. Saif Ali Khan is back to silver Screen as he is going to play the role of Naga Sandhu in his upcoming movie. The title of the movie is Hunter.

Saif Ali Khan has received a lot of appreciation and love from people for his Web Series.

Now he will appear on Silver Screen once again with the movie Hunter.

He has been sporting a full beard and long hair for a few months now owing to his character in the film.

The movie titled Hunter is an action thriller set in 1780, where Saif will play a Naga Sadhu.

Saif will play the role of Naga Sandhu;

Speaking about it, the actor said  “My character is a failed Naga Sadhu,

who has strong notions of revenge.

The film is a drama set in Rajasthan.

I even got my ears pierced for the role, which I was worried about initially.

My hair has grown a lot. It bothered me throughout summer when I was shooting in Rajasthan’s sweltering heat.

It took me 40 minutes to two hours sometimes to just get into hair and make-up for the part.”

He further added details about it, Saif said that the film is weird, but a part of a lifetime.

He said, “I’ve always felt that there is one entity that is giving me things that I don’t deserve.

That’s how I feel for the role, also. It’s too good to be true and it’s a complete experience.

And though it takes ridiculous two hours of make-up and hair, it’s like the journey of a character in a Westerner (a Western film),

Who goes into another space all together with his experiences.

It’s so fulfilling to watch old forts in Rajasthan come alive because of these shoots.”

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Saif loves his Saif Ali Khan look;

His character also uses weapons in the film. Saif shares,  “It’s a difficult role to carry because it requires strong self-belief in a different way —

to make others and myself believe that I am the most dangerous swordsman in the world requires some conviction.

This part continues to be fun.

People have also told me that I have started looking different from the time I started shooting this film.

I will soon be my normal self again, without the beard.

Saif Ali Khan is a ‘character’ I am more used to being,

while my part in Hunter is that of a person who is an animal at heart — a flat-footed wild fellow.

Fifty days into the shoot and my spotboy also told me that something has changed in me.

Some roles do that to you, I guess.”

Well after these things from Saif we are already so excited to watch the movie.

Hope he completes the shoot as soon as possible.



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