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Never wanted to do serious roles- Kapil Sharma

During media interaction, Kapil stated that he doesn’t want to do serious films at a promotional event on Thursday in Mumbai for his upcoming period film ‘Firangi’. Asking about doing serious roles in future, he said, “Earlier, I have played intense characters in my theatre days but now I don’t want to do it because I feel everybody is doing serious roles. I want to make people laugh because comedy gets instant reaction and at the end of the film no one will tell you that your film wasn’t good because they had good time watching it”.

“I also feel emotional, intense film has its own charm and audience. I recently saw a popular Punjabi movie ‘1984’ which was intense so I feel intense film also its own strengths but my effort is to entertain audience by doing comedy. I feel why we should make people cry when they pay for their tickets to have a good time”. 

The first look of ‘Firangi’ broke the rumors that the film is a comedy drama, but in its trailer one can see that it also have emotional moments so when asked Kapil about the film he said, “This film is not a serious film and it has all elements of a good film. This film opens up with light and funny moments. First half of the film is really funny and second half, the film gets little intense but in that intense scenes also people will have fun because that sequences are also funny. ‘Firangi’ is more about situational comedy. In the film, characters of the film are messing up with British empire and the king so it all creates funny situations in the film”.

Talking about recent controversy surrounding release of Padmavati, Kapil said, “I feel whenever you see negativity around you then you feel sad and people on twitter saying me ‘Somebody’s loss is somebody’s gain’ (In the context of release of Padmavti and Firangi) but I feel it is not right because it takes tremendous amount of effort to make a film . I feel it’s a big blessing for a filmmaker when you start a certain project, it gets complete and eventually it gets released.”

“Padmavati is really big film and they have invested lot of money into it so I genuinely feel bad for them and the constants threats that team of Padmavati is getting is really unfortunate because if you will see condition of Deepika’ parents then they must be thinking that what she has done wrong that she is receiving such criticism because we always talk about women empowerment and suddenly the other day you talk like this then it obviously feels bad”.

Talking about his future projects and aspirations , Kapil said, “Now I am thinking about going to New York Film Academy to do 1-2 months crash course to understand filmmaking process because I always had interest in screen-play writing as I feel it is soul of the film and we don’t much look into that aspect”

“After release of this film, I am planning to do a TV show and after that I have another idea in mind for my next film and I am also producing a Punjabi movie. I am also in talks for my first international project but it’s too early to talk about it. Someone from West has sent me a script so now I will now meet him then I will decide whether I want to move ahead with that or not”   

‘Firangi’ also stars Ishita Dutta, Monica Gill, Aanjjan Srivastav and Kumud Mishra in key roles. It is being produced by Kapil Sharma and directed by Rajiv Dhingra. 

Now, ‘Firangi’ is releasing on 1 December, 2017. 

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