Challenges helps in the journey ahead: Gautam Kalal

Challenges helps in the journey ahead: Gautam Kalal

Gautam Kalal belonged to a small village of Udaipur, Rajasthan. He is a Gujarat based entrepreneur who started his journey in 2002 as a canteen boy. Now Gautam is the CEO of Digital Marketing Agency. He is also an E-commerce Entrepreneur, Trainer, Helping companies and individuals launch their own e-commerce store and build brand using the power of digital marketing and providing them guidance under his mentor ship.

Gautam is one of Top Data Driven Digital Marketing Consultant based in Ahmedabad, India with 20+ years of experience. He is also E-Commerce Entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Trainer, Author and YouTuber known as “GK”Gautam has trained and mentor more than 5000+ students and business owners at various corporate and institution like BNI, Ganpat, University and in various private trainings online and offline events Gautam’s journey started as a Canteen boy in 2002 in Ahmedabad, Gujarat India, later he worked for various companies in India and abroad.

Gautam is also part of the advisory board panel of a business magazine and he has been featured by many online and offline media channels.

Digital Marketing can be used as a good weapon to score success if used in a rightful manner. Gautam is a person with an experience of around two decades; he uses this to guide others and establish their brands. Basically he is a mentor who uses his skills and experience to benefit others.

Why mentoring someone or providing guidance?

A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope within yourself. When one loses the focus or can’t find a road ahead or to choose between the right options. When someone is initially growing every step every action matters a lot. And here is where the mentors play their part.

When one learns to ride a bicycle someone is back there guiding them how to ride, there are surely hurdles but you learn fast and better. When starting off a business,one has an experienced person supporting and guiding them one feels secure and empowered.

The most amusing thing about Gautam is that he doesn’t consider the struggles he faced as struggles. His belief is ,if you have to reach somewhere you have to face certain challenges and that will only help you in the journey ahead.

It’s easy to reach out to Gautam; he is always available to provide his guidance. One just has to visit and book an appointment and choose a date and time for the same.

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