ASLI SAIF-” The venerable entrepreneur has procured immense grandeur”
At 21, standing at the top dais, ASLI SAIF, is a creative and enthusiastic mind with personality. The entrepreneur at such a young age has procured high grandeur and splendour. A mindset , untouched and unexcelled, has been exhibited by the kingpin on multiple platforms related to entrepreneurship and business!
The kingpin is a visionary, and has effectuated plans to realize his vision. The co-founder of Asli Digital Media, a media company the sole aim of which is to endorse multifarious brands ,personal brandings , and catering to the needs of individual influencers and elevate the sales and public grandeur, he wishes to uplift the underprivileged.
Saif believes that every talent must be given a chance and ergo,the firm succours talented personages , providing them limelight and also the underprivileged who have worthy talent! From the connoisseur and entrepreneur himself “I believe every single talent is worthy if given the apt platform and I want to be the one to help and succour every talent”
Asli Saif has not only succoured underprivileged artists but has been implementing plans to revolutionarize the music and art industry. He has great plans for the industry to transform it from the core!
We wish the bigwig a colossal success and a bright future and admire his work!!
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