Excess workout, steroids leading to infertility among men

Excess workout, steroids leading to infertility among  men

A combination of intense workout, which has become a daily trend for many men, along with consumption of steroids is becoming a rising cause of infertility, according to experts.Read also:Simple fitness tips for monsoon: Don’t let your fit mode dry out

What experts say?

  •  Long-term exhaustive exercises decreases sperm count and one'spotential for reproduction, said experts.
  •  Another factor contributing to infertility was the consumption of steroids for body building.
  •  In addition, which was causing zoospermia - a condition in which sperm does not generate in semen.
  • Recent studies have said some 1% of the Indian males is affected byzoospermia.
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According to a Researcher:

  • In males, heavy training sessions can reduce the sperm count in thebody that is directly related to the fertility of a man.
  • There are many who have following long-term training sessions in order to maintain the body.
  •  If one is into exhaustive training sessions, there are chances thatthey might have less sperm count.
  •  As compared to a man who has been following normal trainingsessions.
  •  An expert, who previously worked with the AIIMS, said though heavyworkout causes infertility problems in the long run.
  •  Furthermore, what is of immediate concern was consumption ofsteroids without medical advice.

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