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SCTO-CRA to play vital role at every metro station!

SCTO and CRA will play vital roles at every metro station

Transport Nagar situated Centre for Excellence has started training Station Controller cum Train Operators (SCTO’s) and Customer Relationship Assistants (CRA).

Proper training given at Center of Excellence

  • Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation has already given the training to their 26 CRA and 97 SCTOs.
  • They have been trained to operate metro trains and also to deal with commuters and differently abled people for their better assistance.
  • The Training is been given so that they can provide better assistance like route directions and many others.
  • There will be a counter for Station Controllers and Customer Relationship Assistants C.R.A.s at every metro station.
  • Furthermore the C.R.As will provide information regarding the movement of the metro trains along with the usage of Lucknow Metro (go Smart) cards and tokens.
  • SCTOs’ will provide the information related to the Metro trains to the station controller which will connect them to the Operation Control Centre (OCC) located at the Transport Nagar Depot.
  • All these process will be performed by using Tetra (Wireless), Train Radio System and other modern techniques.

Division of shifts for proper work order

  • The work schedule of Customer Relationship Assistant (CRA) has been divided into two shifts.
  • The first shift starts at morning 05:30 AM and the second shift at 01:45 PM.
  • On the other hand, the work schedule of Station Controller cum Train Operator (SCTOs’) has been divided into three parts.
  • In which the first shift starts at Morning 06:30 AM, second at 02:30 PM and the last at Night 08:30PM.
  • Furthermore, in this shift the duty is performed by 78 Men and 19 women for SCTOs’.
  • In addition for CRA the number of Men and women working is 23 and 03 respectively.
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