Opposition party surrounded central government in the parliamentary monsoon session on Tuesday. In addition to which ,BSP Supreme Mayawati has raised issues of Saharanpur violence. In conclusion she said that she was not allowed to raise her voice in the House.

Mayawati targeted BJP:

  • Harassment of Dalits and poor people is increasing in BJP rule.
  • She raised Saharanpur case in Rajya Sabha.
  • The case was thoughtful conspiracy.
  • In addition to, a Dalit was framed in Saharanpur.
  • Furthurmore, Dalits were not allowed for procession.
  • She also aimed Yogi government .
  • Despotism of Dalits in UP.
  • Congress has also done workout from Rajya Sabha.
  • Congress has also aimed BJP government.

If I am not permitted to speak then I will give resignation:

  • She said, I will give resignation from Rajya Sabha.
  • Central government has just observed the consumed houses and helped Dalits.
  • Furthurmore, not done any proceedings.
  • There is mobster rule in UP.
  • In addition, any community is not safe in UP.
  • BJP has won elections through EVM.
  • Existing party is not allowed to speak in the house.
  • I have no fears in fighting elections.
  • Gulam Nabi Azad targeted BJP.
  • BJP is obstructing the proceedings of houses.
  • Opposition wants to discuss in the house.
  • Also concluded that BJP doesn’t wants to discuss.
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