Irrespective of the politics going on in the country, many Hindus and Muslims across several puja marquees are working day and night to make the festival a success. Consequently, we witnessed an incident where the “Tazia” and the durga arti were seen together.

Message of Peace and Unity:

  • North India is well known for its “Ganga Jamuna Tehzib”, i.e., culture of
  • the dab region of Ganga and Yamuna rivers, which is regarded as a fusion of Hindu and Muslim elements.
  • An example of such unity was seen on the occasion of durga puja lately in the Mallapur Hata area ,near Meera bai.
  • Here, on one side , all the preparations were being made for Muharram
  • which includes the decoration of “Tazias” and on the other hand as it was Navratra going on, the Durga puja (aarti and jagaran) were conducted.
  • While the Pandits chanted the mantras and conducted the Jagran and Arti
  • the other community fully supported in maintaing peace and unity .
  • It was once again a moment showing the Ganga-jamuna Tehzib, and giving out a message of love , peace and unity.
  • Muḥarram is the first month of the Islamic calendar. It is one of the four sacred months of the year.
  • It is held to be the second holiest month, following Ramadan.
  • Dushhera is being celebrated across the country today while Muharram will be celebrated tomorrow ,i.e. on 1st Oct.
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