Many orders were called out after the discovery of suspected material from Vidhan Sabha on July 12 but none were implemented. The suspected powder was declared PETN on the basis of preliminary tests by Lucknow Forensic Laboratory. Furthermore, this test was preliminary in nature and could not be held admissible in court. Therefore to strengthen the case, proper chemical examination was required. But Yogi government is still trying to prove that the reports presented by FSL Lucknow are of utmost trust.

Lucknow forensic lab lacks resources and equipment:

  • Suspected Material discovered in Vidhan Sabha was declared PETN after the preliminary test at Lucknow.
  • The Lucknow laboratory lacks the required resources and equipments to conduct GS-MS test.
  • It is right that Lucknow police sent the example to Mahanagar lab however on July 14 it was sent to Agra.
  • Even after knowing everythng,government continues to emphasize over the report provided by FSL Lucknow over Agra report.

Investigation done by experts who were not “expert”

    • The material was tested in Lucknow by three experts on July 12.
    • Consequently who were Deputy Director Arun Kumar Sharma, scientific officer Narendra Kumar and senior scientific assistant Manoj Kumar.
    • Furthermore it is known that this group, who tested the material with explosive detection kit, was not specialists at detecting explosives.
    • Arun Kumar Sharma heads physics and computer forensics division while Narendra works under him in the same division.
    • On the other hand,Manoj Kumar is posted under chemistry division.
    • It was the first time the group of three carried out examination of suspected explosive substance during their service.

Yogi govt’s unbreakable Trust over Corrupt reports:

  • Before taking over as forensic chief in Uttar Pradesh, Mr Shyam Bihari Upadhyay was serving at Director of Bihar forensic lab.
  • He faced charges of financial irregularities and embezzlement.
  • Furthermore he is facing another  in relation of submitting fake forensic reports before various district and sessions courts in Bihar.
  • Most noteworthy is the fact that the government is laying its trust over such a corrupt official over authentic forensic reports.
  • The big question at this time is why is government trying to save a corrupt official?

The Agra report

  • The matter came to light on last Wednesday.
  • It is confirmed in the Agra report that the conspired material had nothing to do with explosives.
  • Besides preliminary forensic report we have no other evidence of a larger terror conspiracy.
  • Police/ATS investigations have failed to find any backward or forward linkages to the incident so far.
  • No other strict actions have been taken by the government over the major negligance made in security of Vidhan Sabha.
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