Realtooth welcomes you to the modern era of dentistry. A well- known dental clinic in Lucknow is announcing their next branch at Gokhle Marg. In order to replicate the sustainable model of Realtooth Mahanagar has been given demographics of dental landscape of Lucknow.

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According to Realtooth:


  • We are passionate leader in specialization dentistry.
  • That provides outstanding customer driven complete oral health care.
  • By listening to our patient’s goals and concerns we craft a treatment plan we know will deliver strong results.
  • According to Dr.Branemark, “No one should die with their teeth sitting in a glass of water”.
  • Furthermore, we the Realtooth would let that happen.

Realtooth: Smile like a Boss

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According to Implantologist, Dr.Amit Anand:

  • Following international standard operating.
  • Protocol for all type at Dental treatment.
  • We customise dental treatment for our patients.
  • And the team of specialists work on them.
  • Realtooth infrastructure is especially designed for patient comfort.
  • In addition, equipped with modern equipments to provide our patients – a complete Painfree Treatment.
  • Modern equipments are so much upgraded to provide painless dental treatment to our patients.

Realtooth: Smile like a Boss

  • Our organisation not only treat clinically.
  • But we take care of post treatment care, cross-contamination and social awareness also.
  • We create awareness related to oral health.

Look what dentists say:

  • Instead of solo practices, where one dentist is taking care of all things.
  • We prefer group practices as a team work for providing all comforts to a patient.
  • Our next projects are coming up in Lucknow and nearby cities also.

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  • Patients love our treatment and refer us on regular basis which makes us most recommended clinic in our town.
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