Mahagun Mordene, a posh society in Noida, Uttar Pradesh witnessed a strange incident on Thursday. Rahul Sahay, who lives in Mahagun Society, held his maid zora captive, after this incident, hundreds of maids from her village,with rocks and iron rods stormed her owner’s apartment. Zora is accused of stealing 17,000 rupees; the incident was covered by several Indian media houses including international media like NYT as well.

Police has detented 45 people, also arrested many of them. Police has also recognised the misdeeds by CCTV of the society but the way international media presented this case is topic of debate.

New York Times termed issue as ‘Clash of Class’ (Mahagun society riot):

  • In this case, International media’s  New York Times has thrown light on all the facts.
  • In the end of the article by NYT this issue was presented as ‘Clash of Class’
  • If we look on the issue there is nothing like this.
  • NYT also said, People living in big societies suppress poor people.
  • Most important thing, this was stated with reference to India only.

Disputed part of New York Times (Mahagun society riot):

  • In the article of NYT mentioned things cannot be a part of society.
  • Adding to this, After the quarrel madam living in posh society how will she survive
  • By this, everyone should follow things said by home maids.
  • However, the wrong behaviour of the society towards maid should be taken under consideration.
  • But, hundreds of maid’s neighbor pothole and iron rod attack is not right at all.

45 people have arrested (Mahagun society riot):

  • SP Told, Akhtar Abdul, Pratiqual Mia, Sehdul, Lakhiram, Haider Ali, Unis Ali, Abdul Jaleel, Ateek Ajmal, Sehsuddin, Mehjuddin and 13 more are arrested by the police.
  • SP said almost 45 people are detained.
  • With the help of CCTV footage police is identifying the culprits.
  • On Thursday night police arrested rebels by the raid on slums.
  • From this the servants and maids in the society are fury.
  • Police force has setup for precautionary reason in Mahagun society.
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