October 2 is world wide celebrated as International Non-Violence Day, and on this day, Lucknow celebrated it in its own way. A rally was carried out in order to spread awareness about the day and messages were carried out to people to be more compassionate and loving specially towards animals.

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 End Violence against animals:

  • Members of the Compassionate Lucknowites group and other fugitives
  • from Lucknow started a campaign on International Non-Violence Day (October 2).
  • The campaign started from 7 am and ends at 10 am.
  • The four hour campaign was conducted in order to spread messages for
  • bringing non-violence towards the animals and becoming a compassionate person.
  • Youngsters wrote messages like “would you do that to me too” and drew symbols with chalk on the path ways .
  • The Campaign was conducted at the entrance of 1090 intersection, Gomti
  • Riverfront Park, Ambedkar Park, Lohia Park and Janswar Mishra Park.
  • Furthermore, an Awareness rally was also carried out around 8 am whcih
  • started from 1090 thirahh and ended at Janeshwar Mishra Park.
  • The people in the rally had colored posters spreading a message to end cruelty against animals.
  • In addition, the posters had pictures of chicken ,dogs and other animals.
  • The group commuted a message to go vegetarian and end cruelty on animals.

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  • Just as Gandhiji liberated the Indians by fighting the freedom struggle, in the same way,
  • it is the global zodiac freedom movement being set up to liberate all the world’s animals from Hell-like conditions and to give them life, food and habitat.
  • Furthermore, in today’s program, Shubham Shrivastav, Deepika Sharma, Abhishek
  • Dubey, Yash Bhardwaj, Anjali Saxena, Prakash Kain, Rohit Gurnani, Saurabh Dwivedi,
  • Ojavi Govil, Sonia Rajput, Karuna Agrawal, Divya Asval, Rashi, Afshi and many others were present.
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