Criminal activities in the state , are not to be short name. Noida is the latest case , a fashion designer Shipra Malik are suspicious disappearance. Recently, a few days ago had been Snapdeal engineers suspected disappearance. Shipra Malik’s husband enter the case on the complaint of the police has started investigation. Shipra the last call number 100 . Did, then his phone has been switched off.

Shipra Malik

Disappeared from Sector 29 :

Shipra Malik animate her husband , a half year old son , and brother -in-law lives with . Animate a builder , while designer boutiques Shipra runs at home. Shipra husband Chandni Chowk to animate the car came out of the house . Sector 29 , he was conscious of , and then she walked Chandni Chowk. Working his way home in the evening to see Chetan Jiaipi Shipra Mall in front of the car is parked in Sector 29 . Car windows were open , and the key lying on the foot mats. Chetan dialed his phone , he was coming off , after which a police complaint made ​​conscious.

Last Call 100, Last Location Delhi:

Noida Sector 29 was missing from last week Shipra Malik No. 100 was dialed. Both Delhi and Noida police initially refused to write the case , then the loss was recorded.
Then the family ‘s written complaint, a case of kidnapping was recorded . Noida police Shipra modeling the details of mobile phone calls in the last location of Lajpat Nagar ( Delhi).

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