Lucknow, the capital of women getting together to stop the criminal incidents that were not . Youth , women , girls and the process continues to meet women’s bodies is not to stop . Throw killer full body move in population and the police do not feel invisible . A few hours after the bodies active window but police later hands are bearing down.


Last month, on February 15 CM from DGP office adjacent to the Jankipurm area that is in the 12th student’s gang rape took place after the murder police but settled did Tuesday morning Vibhutikhand Thanakshetr Gomti Nagar railway station a woman The body was found. The second incident took place in the city in 15 days is a widespread sensation. The girl ‘s body was found in his mouth wadded fabric . After getting information on the spot ASP Tronsgomti Jayaprakash , CO Gomti Nagar , Thanaprbari with Vibhuti Khand police arrived and tried to identify the bodies of possession but could not be identified . Police arrived in the possession of the body has been sent for post-mortem .

Thanaprbari Vibhutikhand Satendra Kumar Roy said Gomti Nagar railway station on Tuesday morning in the open field, nearly 21 -year-old ‘s body was reported to be reported to the police by people passing by. After getting information , police reached the spot, trying to identify the bodies of the possession but could not identify the woman . Police took possession of the bodies sent for autopsy . According to the family of the deceased general SHO Vibhutikhand look . he’s married. She was wearing a pink salwar suit . The body was rigid . He seemed to see that the day before his assassination by killers threw near the railway station. Currently reported missing from nearby police stations is examining the identity of the deceased will be soon.

The bodies created a sensation in the area meet . On the occasion the crowd was saying that she had been raped and murdered and the bodies were thrown hither. Woman’s closethes were irrguler. Police say the woman Wayen at hand ” Wego ” was engaged. Police suspect that somewhere he was not sick , sick, and fed the family have been murdered by thrown. Police have gathered details from nearby hospitals . The police report after PM death will clear the real reason.

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