Change begins at home- Akmal Ali Khan

It is said if you educate a girl you educate the whole family. Akmal Ali Khan is a believer of the saying, he wants to make society a better place by helping people educate their girl child.

Akmal is a social worker . He conducts awareness campaigns in Ghazipur and villages near to it. He has done several campaigns in recent time to make people aware about the basic things like hygiene, sanitation, their basic rights etc. He made the villagers understand about the pandemic that it’s real and is a threat to our lives if we don’t pay proper attention we all will suffer from the consequences. Before his campaign some of the villagers were taking this pandemic as bluff.

He is making people aware of a lot of necessary things one of his recent campaigns was based on girl child education. People in rural India still think of girl child as a liability whom they have to grow up and then marry. Everyone wants a better education system but only to educate their sons further. But, what about the girl child education?

This topic in the recent campaign helped people to think about it. Why can’t they let their daughters go to study properly and let them get a proper education. Someday they will also earn and will help their parents to live and they will no longer be considered as a liability.

To tell others what is right and what’s wrong one himself should be not doing the same sin. Akmal believes change begins at home. He mentioned the girls of his home go to school regularly. They go to the same school as any of the male children of the house. Further, he requested people to invest in girls’ education rather than investing in dowry.

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