Lucknow district in an increase in the number of daily fuel vehicles are getting. Due to the air pollution / noise pollution and traffic jams are common problems like. Uttar Pradesh government to get around the problem of pollution and traffic and ensure better and smooth traffic in the direction of several plans are being implemented. Cycle track in the same direction under the safety, health and environmental considerations in the public interest was built cycle track which thousands of people are using every day.

DM Lucknow

Bicycle parking fees over :

Cycle track with regard to promoting the use and protection of the environment, said Lucknow District Magistrate declared that Mr. Raj Shekhar, who to bring public awareness in relation to protection of the environment and other cyclists who cycle down their economic interests within the district in view of the municipal bicycle parking in Parkingon free has been. Currently, municipal contracts for 4 hours rental fee 5 Rupees.

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