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“Technology makes the World a New Place”- Amazon Web

Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Andy Jassy said that with the transition to the cloud, the world is in the midst of the biggest transformation in technology in our lifetimes. He said that it was wrong that some of the “old-guard” technology companies said the transition would be slow and would take decades. As evidence, he referred to the phenomenal growth his business was witnessing and the advances it was making in terms of the variety of services it was able to offer on the cloud.

He also marked that in some years, few companies will have their own data centres, and those who have, their data centre footprints will be much smaller. AWS (Amazon Web Service) is today the world’s biggest provider of cloud computing services and is the e-tailer’s most profitable division. It is on track to bring in $18 billion in sales over the next 12 months (it grew 42% in the past year). Microsoft, Google and IBM are other major players in the space. 

Nasa’s Kevin Murphy said that the space organisation had migrated to AWS two of the core systems of its EOSDIS programme that ingests, processes, archives and distributes data from a large number of Earth-observing satellites. Dan Pilone, co-founder of Element 84 and who has helped design and implement some of these systems for Nasa, said cloud enables analysis of data at scale, cost-effectively and quickly, and noted that AWS’ machine-learning service removes all of the complexities involved in implementing machine learning. 

Expedia CEO Mark Okerstrom said that 80% of the company’s mission-critical apps would move to AWS in two-three years, as the $8.7-billion travel company tries to build more resiliency (ensure the site never goes down) and provide personalised search results through data analytics.

About Cloud :-

It is the computing is the storing and accessing of data and software applications over the internet instead of in/from a computer’s hard drive or a company’s in-house servers/storage. This allows enterprises to be freed from having to buy expensive hardware and software and hire an army of engineers to maintain these systems. Companies can simply ‘rent’ the hardware and software, and pay only for what they use and for the period they use it. Clouds, with their massive collections of servers, now also enable levels of compute power that no single enterprise by itself can have. Evidence of AWS’ success was visible at the developer conference. There were as many 43,000 registrations for the event this year — up from 32,000 last year. And this, at a time when most other developer conferences are beginning to see numbers decline. Cloud computing is used for everything from banking to data sharing and, because it allows multiple computers on a local network to access data, it has become a popular form of technology among companies of all sizes and staffing levels in a variety of industries.

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