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August, 18 2018 23:20
फोटो गैलरी वीडियो


इस तकनीक से डिब्बा हो जायेगा चोरी का मोबाइल, चोर होंगे गिरफ्तार

आये दिन हजारों की तादात में चोरी हो रहे मोबाइल एक तकनीक से डिब्बा, खिलौना हो जायेंगे। इतना ही नहीं चोरी करने वाले चोर भी पुलिस के शिकंजे में आसानी से आ जायेंगे। जो चोर मोबाइल चोरी करके अय्याशी करते […]

By : Sudhir Kumar | Updated On : 29 Apr 2018 07:04 am

इन दिनों लॉन्च होने वाली महिन्द्रा XUV500 फेसलिफ्ट: जानिए इसके बारे मे

भारत में 18 अप्रैल 2018 को एक न्यू कार महिन्द्रा एक्सयूवी500 लॉन्चिंग के लिए तैयार होगई है. इसका मुकाबला जीप कंपास, हुंडई ट्यूसॉन, टोयोटा इनोवा क्रिस्टा और टाटा हैक्सा से होगा. जानिए इसमें क्या है खास : महिंद्रा की अपकमिंग SUV […]

By : Jyoti Sharma | Updated On : 15 Apr 2018 03:14 pm

वेब ब्राउजर में पासवर्ड सेव करने वाले हो जाएँ सावधान

दुनिया भर में लोग इंटरनेट का इस्तेमाल करते हुए इस्तेमाल किये जाने वाले वेब ब्राउजर्स में पासवर्ड सेव करके रखते हैं. इस तरह उन्हें दोबारा से इंटरनेट का उपयोग करने के दौरान लॉग इन करने में समस्या नहीं होती है. […]

By : Shashank | Updated On : 04 Jan 2018 05:33 pm

Samsung to launch Galaxy S8 ‘Microsoft Edition’ news was all fake

Microsoft Corporation earlier this year confirmed that it may bring the Samsung Galaxy S8 ‘Microsoft Edition’ smartphone soon. But now, the Redmond-based tech firm is saying that the device never existed.The news came directly from Samsung to Windows Central website. […]

By : vanshi1600 | Updated On : 01 Dec 2017 02:12 pm

“Technology makes the World a New Place”- Amazon Web

Amazon Web Services (AWS) CEO Andy Jassy said that with the transition to the cloud, the world is in the midst of the biggest transformation in technology in our lifetimes. He said that it was wrong that some of the […]

By : vanshi1600 | Updated On : 01 Dec 2017 11:34 am

Lets Study about the New App launched by Apple

At San- Francisco Apple has launched an app to collect data from Apple Watch users in order to detect and notify them when they experience irregular heart rhythms, like atrial fibrillation — a leading cause of strokes.The app is called […]

By : vanshi1600 | Updated On : 01 Dec 2017 08:31 am

Life hacks to loose weight by Social Media

Los Angeles researchers have established a way of how sharing your weight loss journey on social media can improve the odds of successfully shedding the extra kilos from your body. Researchers examined the role of virtual communities and public commitment […]

By : vanshi1600 | Updated On : 30 Nov 2017 11:40 am

Battle Reaches out among the Top Two MNC’S

The top 2 multinational companies “Flipkart and Amazon India” clashes reaches out in college campuses for early hiring trends suggesting a head start for the US company. Amazon’s strategy is about powering ahead to become the largest e-commerce recruiter in […]

By : vanshi1600 | Updated On : 30 Nov 2017 11:08 am

Good News For Snapchat Users

Snapchat, which is used by more than 158 million people every day, has pioneered new ways to interact with photos, videos and other users, as well as new formats for advertisers to reach customers. Now reportedly Snapchat has unveiled its […]

By : vanshi1600 | Updated On : 29 Nov 2017 10:52 am

Facebook Is Betting Big On Virtual Reality !!!

Facebook unveiled two new programmes for startups and engineering students in India, aimed at promoting new-age technologies like virtual reality (VR). The two programmes called India Innovation Hub (in partnership with T-hub) and School of Innovation (with Startup Village Collective) […]

By : AmritaRai344 | Updated On : 28 Nov 2017 09:47 am