In the ongoing Ex VIJAY PRAHAR in the deserts of Mahajan Firing Ranges close to Suratgarh, after validating the capabilities of weaponised helicopters, modern surveillance devices and the elite Special Forces, it was now the turn of the tank man to display his craft.

  • Validation of capability of mechanised forces to deliver a decisive blow to the adversary is one of the objectives the strike formations of the Sapta Shakti Command have set for themselves.
  • The name of the exercise – VIJAY PRAHAR – itself is symbolic of that.
  • In today’s transparent battlefield, the mechanised forces cannot afford to present a viable target by their massed presence.
  • Mechanised forces of the Command practiced new innovative methods of causing irreparable damage to the adversary while preventing any substantial damage to own forces.
  • To that end the tanks and troops remained dispersed across the desert to concentrate at lightning speed deliver a decisive punch and disperse before the enemy came out of ‘shock and awe.’
  • Otherwise calm and serene deserts witnessed steel monsters weighing fifty tons each.
  • Suddenly appearing in large numbers from least expected direction, making deafening noise, delivering explosives which can make concrete fly off like cotton and vanishing at the same lightening speed at which they came only to concentrate again at yet another place to decimate yet another force of the enemy.
  • A very high degree of coordination being the is the need of the hour in modern manoeuvre warfare, the participating forces of the Sapta Shakti Command seem to be comprehensively achieving the aim they had set for themselves.
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