Horoscope December 1st 2017 | daily horoscope

Aries :



You will find some decisions difficult to make, but be intent and resolute. Emotions may put you off rail, but once you have resolved, don’t stray from it. The advises is to learn to endure setbacks in a mature manner .


Taurus :

Horoscope December 1st 2017 | daily horoscope


You are likely to get into arguments today, predicts Ganesha. You should avoid any open confrontation. Legal disputes may bother you as well. Try your hand at meditation or resort to music of your preference to relax and unwind. It is best if you delay the start of any important activity today.


Gemini :

Horoscope December 1st 2017 | daily horoscope


Today, your house gets a facelift a new rug, matching cushion covers, or a brand new kitchen. This will take up most of your time. First, you will be busy furnishing and setting up your home, and then you will spend your time flaunting it to your friends, relatives, neighbors, bosses, colleagues, acquaintances.


Cancer :

Horoscope December 1st 2017 | daily horoscope


A hectic day, combined with domestic pressure will make you exhausted. You feel a heavy burden on mind and heart. Don’t be too emotional. Take care not to pass domestic burdens on to your career or business, and thereby mar your capacity and efficiency.


Leo :



You will feel more emotional today and share your feelings with your friends and near ones. For those who are searching for a life-partner, this might be the time when you will get hitched. You will develop a new perspective on some issues in the office. Your day will be different than normal .


Virgo :

Horoscope December 1st 2017 | daily horoscope


All the work done in the past will reap rich rewards today . You’ll direct things your own way, and in no way would you take orders from anyone. But don’t go overboard with all the authority and keep a cool, calm head.


Libra :



Sometimes, you lend a helping hand and people end up taking the entire arm. Well, that’s kids for you! So beware, because young ones around you may try to take undue advantage of your sympathetic nature today. Minor issues and problems may dampen the high spirits that you are in today. But fret not, just keep a cool head and get back on track to being your charismatic self.


Scorpio :



You may expect the day to be as dull and mundane as those boring repeat telecasts of sitcoms. But remember, it’s not always going to be grey. The dance of planets will usher in new change for a better tomorrow. Keep hoping and who knows you may stumble upon something very interesting.


Sagittarius :

Horoscope December 1st 2017 | daily horoscope


The rewards of hard labour will be sweet, so start off by unwinding with some fun today. Spend quality time with friends and family. All in all, a fun day.


Capricorn :



Numerous projects and building work pressure can keep you busy, but get done with whatever you have on hand. The day has a host of recreational activities lined up for you. This will also be the right time to reach out to more people, and devour whatever knowledge or information they have to offer. Moreover, you will experience complete personal freedom and will communicate freely with those around you.


Aquarius :



It’s an uphill struggle today. But the heavens are on your side, and you will be saved from being swindled. Otherwise, it’s an eventful day at work. You may initiate big business deals and new projects as well. It will take all your energy.


Pisces :

Horoscope December 1st 2017 | daily horoscope


The focus today will be on self-improvement. You may find yourself attending seminars or workshops. Self-employed people are likely to find lucrative deals landing in their laps in the afternoon. Quality time with your family in the evening will give you a sense of balance and of belonging.

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