Theme weddings are nothing but a different approach for your marriage. With the help of a theme a wedding ceremony can be made more special and memorable. This is because you blend the elating reality with wild fantasy. The concept is quite popular in the West and has managed to lure couples from India as well. Moreover, theme weddings are more appealing both for the guests and the host, as they experience something unconventional keeping the traditional values intact. For some nice wedding themes, read on.

1. Beach Wedding

For all the would-be brides and grooms nothing can seem more special than their wedding. It is an occasion, which every couple wants to make memorable, as it is a one time affair. Thus, in order to achieve that feeling, people opt for different ideas. Beach can be a great idea for your wedding celebrations. So, if you want your wedding to be a special one then you can opt for Beach wedding. I think most of us who plan beach weddings do so imagining a breezy, relaxed affair. 

2. Flower Wedding

India is a bounteous land in terms of natural beauty. Owing to its picturesque locales, it is also referred as the heavenly abode of the Lord. This abundance can be celebrated along with the special occasion of your wedding. This is possible if you choose flower theme for your marriage. Flowers are best to light up your mood and give you a sudden fresh feel and they are always in trend. so you can make your marriage a beautiful one by just choosing flower theme. Choosing your flowers is one of the most exciting parts of wedding planning. … These amazing arrangements will be included in lots of the important photos. Flowers can add such beauty to your big wedding day, but they can also add a lot to your expenses!  

3. Royal Wedding

India is an enigmatic land, with a rich cultural and historical heritage. Ruled over by innumerable dynasties, the country has experienced a wealth of royalty. The imperial legacy can be seen spread over different regions in the form of various forts, palaces and temples. The royal theme is perfect for you if you want people to remember your wedding for ever. It gives you a beautiful look. But it is a bit expensive too. The royal land of Rajasthan is measured as one of the most admired wedding destinations.

4. Valentine Wedding

You know love is in the air, as soon as the Valentine’s Day is ready to arrive. It is this time of the year when the adrenaline rush is at the highest level and the young hearts are fluttering with mushy feelings. The air smells sweet and there is romance in the surroundings, intoxicating the lovelorn couples.Valentine’s Day is all about love, and so is your wedding. So why not play matchmaker and pair the two events to create one very special day? You can go light with the Valentine’s touches by using red flowers in your bouquet and arrangements or with small heart accents sprinkled throughout the reception. 




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