Based on the Ethereum blockchain, it is a one of its kind NFT strategy game which allows users to trade in virtual land.


Play to earn gaming has been picking up pace of late with many interesting projects making its way into the space. Metroverse is the latest addition to this already growing space which is based on land trading where users can collect, trade, and stake city blocks available on the platform to earn the $MET utility token. The main objective behind creating this spectacular project was to enable the next generation of decentralized applications by creating an innovative, immersive, play-to-earn gaming experience. It amalgamates three powerful markets, namely NFTs, Gaming, and DeFi.


Metroverse brings together amazing design and aesthetics to create an outstanding experience never seen before. The team has tied up with a game design studio that holds expertise in isometric cityscapes. The play-to-earn NFT gaming project is highly inspired by Simcity. The game comprises of a collection of unique city blocks that make up the Metroverse on the blockchain. Each city block is unique and has its own residential, commercial, and industrial neighborhoods represented by an ERC-721 non-fungible token. Players can collect, trade and stake their blocks (NFTs) to move ahead and make their impact. It’s land-based game mechanics are strikingly similar toSimcity. Players are rewarded for their performance with MET – the project’s native utility token.


The team behind Metroverse’ are experienced entrepreneurs who also happen to be award-winning designers specializing in isometric design. The assets are represented as ERC-721 tokens on the blockchain. By engaging these assets in gameplay, players earn an in-game currency – $MET. The game data can be accessed through smart contracts on the blockchain. Metroverse has successfully created a strong community around it and has already generated a strong buzz around it as many are eagerly awaiting its launch to grab a piece of their virtual land at the earliest.

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