SportsAge is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind. – Tahir Mailk  


The sports play an important role in our lives and being a sportsman I realized this fact each day of my life, right from the childhood to the age of becoming a veteran sports person. The sports have been an integral part of my life and helped me for a lot for overall development as a human being. It will enhance your immunity which is very important in the covid-19 era the sports keep you in the positive environment, always keep you away from the diseases. From the childhood we always play some sports at the Mohalla/ colony level but as gradually we become adult the sports activities decreases which put the person in the clutches of different type of never ending diseases. The sports keep you healthy and energetic hence all the top University, Institutes, Colleges are having different kind of sports activities in their premises, the person is bound to be fit irrespective of their age, the person is fit therefore he is in Office/College/ or on the road even without fitness one cannot perform their religious activities. These days the government also launched so many sports program like khelo India etc. through which so many sports events are being organized by the government. As we know that our country is the largest exporter of software and technology for the same atmosphere was also made way back from 1909 by establishing IISC, Bangalore and thereafter IIT,NITS,IIITS etc. were established, recently Hon’ble Prime Minister has inaugurated the Dhyan Chand Sports University at Meerut which will defiantly give benefit to the entire country and will create atmosphere of sports in a massive way, Ekana Cricket stadium, Lucknow, Padukone –Dravid Centre for sports Excellence, Bangalore, SDS Tennis Facility, Lucknow and Shri Shivchhatrapati Sports Complex, Balewadi, Pune etc. are the best sports places which  are already doing the great job in the field of sports by organizing the International and national sports events and producing the excellent players. The sports should be a way of life so the citizen can become reasonably fit and through the fitness the nation will achieve the goal of prosperity. It is pertinent to mention that millions of citizens are diabetics and are facing other health issues; health expert say that comfortable life is amazing but without doing physical activities it becomes disastrous. By playing something or doing some physical activities nation can be made more healthy and shall also decrease the number of patients, pursuing knowledge play an important role in our life but at the same time fitness is also equally essential for the human life, a nation never become prosper wherein the millions of peoples become patient in the young age. We are thankful for the selection of our city Prayagraj in the smart city program subsequent to which we see lot of open Gym beside the streets and on important places of our town and so many tennis courts have been constructed or under construction at the historical and one of the oldest tennis place of country “Allahabad Gymkhana Club” under the company Bagh Prayagraj area. Sports play a vital role in promoting economic and social development, it enriches peoples intellectual and cultural life, the nations like America, China, Germany, France etc. those are higher in the sports medal tally in Olympic are also superior in the prosperity and progress it has also been observed that when the state or town starts producing fine sports persons then the place begin the path of prosperity which means the welfare of a place is directly related to the sports. The sportspersons are the ambassador and hero of their town/state/country and the places where the sports events are regularly organized become a tourist destination. Jackie Joyner-Kersee the greatest female athlete of all time said Age is no barrier. It’s a limitation you put on your mind.

:- Tahir Mailk              (National level –Tennis player)

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