The society needs more people like us says, Seema Singh

Seema Singh is a notable name in the world of Social work. She has definitely contributed a lot to the humanity. From a home maker to a social entrepreneur, her journey has been interesting.
Founder of Meghashrey NGO, Mrs. Seema Singh tries to uplift as many underprivileged as possible. Her passion towards helping others began 20 years ago. She is of firm belief that her help can bring little but positive change in the society.

‘There are many around us who can’t live a proper or happy life. Even having a two time meal is a great thing for them. So more people are needed in the society, who can come forward and help these people. I am immensely happy to see the contribution of Mr. Sonu Sood for not only the underprivileged but for the people in general at time of need. His support was massive for all those people. Therefore I believe there is no shame in helping others if you can, said, Seema Singh.

Previously, she has helped the poor people by providing dry rations, warm blankets, umbrellas, masks and energy drinks. Her support was even appreciated by jumbo hospital at the time of covid -19. Earlier people use to help each other out but presently people think twice before helping someone. There is always a question of ‘should I’ or ‘what If’ while helping. This attitude needs to change so that more people could be helped.
Ms. Seema has been awarded with number of awards for her contribution towards the society. With each award she tries to pull herself up to do even better job for the next time.

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