The image of bikers has gone through a whole rollercoaster ride with their safety gear turning stylish. From leather jackets and patches to a plethora of colours available, experts explain how such accesssories have got a makeover.

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One of India’s leading biker communities says that biking gear has become a fashion statement and the number of options for serious bikers has increased too.

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Experts lists down the trends in safety gear:

  • Patches that are all the rage now, have also found their way on to biking gear, whether it is jackets, pants, gloves, or even boots.
  • These can be iron on, pin on, or sew on patches and are available in designs pertaining to a rider’s interest.
  • Earlier most of the accessories were only available in sombre and plain black.
  • However, as the protective riding gear has gained a fashion cult status there are more colours, designs and shapes available.
  • A biker clad in leather pants would give off the vibes of a seasoned professional rider.
  • Buy one that looks good with the rest of your accessories and the bike.
  • A rider wearing leather boots looks like he means business.
  • Consider factors like length, material, colour and design detailing before buying one.
  • A good way to style your attire is by going choosing the same brand for all your gear.
  • So that there is a natural cohesiveness in the look, and it doesn’t look like a mishmash of uncoordinated pieces.

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Experts doles out few trends too:

  • There is a great demand today for armours among the riders, as this protective gear has gained the status of a fashion statement.
  • Leather jackets with stronger design elements are doing better.
  • The riders today are looking at unique designs and aesthetics are almost as important to them as the function.
  • Helmets have gone through a design revolution.
  • A great variety in design, shape, stickers and artwork has been spoiling the customer for choices these days.

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