Invest in frozen food items to save time, wastage and to get variety.
Catering for families with different tastes is hard enough and to help mothers ease the pressure.

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 List why frozen food should be added in your meal plan:


  • 30 per cent of mothers feel guilty about the nutritional value of the choices they feed to their family.
  • However, frozen food offers great options for parents to feed their kids a balanced diet.
  • While frozen peas can contain more vitamin C than their fresh equivalent.
  • In addition,frozen chicken and fish are fantastic sources of protein for growing kids.

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 More than just chips:

  • Frozen food doesn’t have to be limited to chips.
  • Frozen meat and vegetables can be used in a range of tasty.
  • And nutritionally balanced meals for both children and adults alike.

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 Time saving:

  • Mothers spend more than 45 minutes preparing food for their family.
  • But frozen food can cut down on the time they spend in the kitchen.

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Less wastage:

  • Frozen products last longer than fresh produce, meaning there’s always something to be found in the freezer.
  • A longer shelf life also means more opportunity to plan ahead and in a nation that throws away tonnes of food every year.
  • Furthermore,that can only be a good thing.

Easy to cook:

  • With many frozen food products pre-prepped and ready to cook.
  • You don’t need to be a culinary genius to use frozen food in tea-time creations.

Great for a range of diets:

  • The range of frozen foods on offer today.
  • Means there really is something for everyone there are even gluten-free fish fingers for those looking to cater for specific dietary needs.

Value for money:

  • Less food waste means less spending.
  • If not eaten, fresh food will perish and you’ll need another trip to the supermarket for an extra spending spree.

Healthy cooking methods:

  • Most frozen vegetable products can be steamed or boiled.
  • In addition,with no need for a fryer, pan, oil or butter, meaning healthier cooking options for the family.

 No preservatives required:

  • No need for preservatives as the action of freezing naturally preserves the food.
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