Navaratri is the pride of the country.For the next nine days, 9 forms of Durga will be worshiped.In North, East and West India, especially people keep fasting.In many houses Satavik food is made during Navratri.During this time, many people refrain from eating garlic-onions, non-veggies.

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This time, take the pleasure of these fruitful dishes:

1. Kutto dosa

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Navratri 2017: Healthy and tasty options for you
  • Baktwat also speaks Kuttu.
  •  Generally, we eat pots of patta or pudding in the fast during the fast. This time you eat it as a dose.
  • Put boiled potato stuffing together.
  • For those who are not fasting in the house, it will not be less than any treat.

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2. Potato kadhi

Navratri 2017: Healthy and tasty options for you
  • Obviously, during the fast you will not eat onion dumplings or gram dumplings.
  • In this way you can try potato curry.
  •  Due to potatoes and curd, these dishes will keep you energized during fasting.

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3. Low-Fat Makhana Kheer

  • Do not be sweet in that festival.
  •  During Navratri, make sure you make makhana kheer.
  • Also, do not forget to put dry fruits in it.
  •  If you are afraid of weight gain after eating sweet, then you should use low-fat milk.
  •  Makhana kheer is also nutritious not only for taste but also for health.

    4. Sugar Dumplings

  • If the onion is not right, then the cucumber is right, if you have the heart of eating pakodas, then eat it.
  •  In the evening, try a cucumber dumpling with tea.
  • Gourds and potato dumplings are also made in some houses.

    5.Bunny-Walnut Lassi

Navratri 2017: Healthy and tasty options for you
  • Many people do not like to take milk during fast.
  •  In such a way, they can make a Wal-Mart lassi.
  • Blend curd, walnut, banana and honey together and enjoy a fun lassi.

    The speciality of all these dishes is that they do not have much time and effort in making them. You can try them any day of the year. So why not start this dessert traditional tradition in this auspicious time!

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