Predicted to be one of the biggest successes across the NFT sphere this year, it already spells success.


The vast number of technological advances that Web 3.0 has brought forward has amazed all. These new introductions like blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs have spellbound users till no end as they offer a plethora of opportunities never seen before. These have made a headway towards the future and aim to disrupt the industry in a big way. NFTs have specially gained momentum in the past year, with many interesting projects being introduced back to back, much to the amazement of investors. Out of all the recent projects, one particular one has stood out owing to its unique features and is predicted to rule the space once it steps in. We are talking about Lavish Lions, which has created a strong buzz around it by bringing forward something unique which is guaranteed to benefit its holders to a great extent.


The team at Lavish Lions has worked hard to make sure the project matches up to people’s expectations as they have carved the most beautiful collection within four months, with each being unique and distinctive in its own way. The collection comprises of 3,333 unique Lions with over 150 different traits. By minting NFTs from Collection 1, holders can receive up to $10,000 worth of SOL depending on the rarity of the NFT. To earn rewards, holders need to hold their NFT for a minimum of 2 weeks. The same goes with Collection 2 except the SOL rewards will be much higher here. Once Collection 2 is out, holders can breed their NFT’s from collection 1 & 2 and create an NFT from collection 3. Collection 3 NFT’s can be sold or be staked, allowing holders to earn even more.


Lavish Lions will also be creating LavishCoin on a platform which is chosen by its community. By holding NFT’s members will get weekly airdrops of $lavish, allowing them to accumulate them and earn more with time.

As a reward for staking NFT’s, holders can earn extra $lavish per week. There would also be Solana rewards exclusively for stakers. Looking at its fantastic setup, there’s no doubt that the project will gain traction right from the word “Go”. Its success will be unleashed soon, once it steps in to make a mark. NFT enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting its public minting, which will open up shortly.

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