Parents should avoid dressing up their children in a way that they look like grown-ups. They are young and their innocence should be kept intact, say experts.

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Some things to keep in mind while dressing up children:

  • The clothes should not only be beautiful but functional also.
  • The clothes should be of good quality fabric whether cotton or synthetic.
  • Poor quality garments can cause health issues such as rashes and scratches.
  • Sometimes, the chemicals in process of dying can be harmful.
  • It always good to have clothes from trusted brands that do research tests.
  • While dressing children for birthdays, weddings and special occasion, make sure the sequins and beads used are not scratchy.
  • Children have the most impressionable minds.
  • Hence, it is very important to buy clothes with appropriate statements or images.
  • Wrong or double meaning words can leave a bad impression on the mind.
  • Parents should also be careful with piling their children on with accessories.
  • In case of siblings, it is not necessary they always look like twins in all outings and parties.
  • Both might have different fashion sensibilities and would like to dress up as per their own taste.

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