It’s about the love of gardening for some, the luxury of fresh produce for others.With the dwindling square footage of the average home, it almost seems implausible that one can indulge in luxuries like growing one’s own herbs and produce. But that’s exactly what a lot of the urban youth are doing now. Fuelled from the ever trending goodness of organic produce with the added advantage of a bit of fresh green zing to their cookie cutter lives, today’s young families are opting for small-scale kitchen gardens.

Maintain Your Garden:

  • Composting your organic waste which then use to fertilise soil.
  • In addition,grow mint, Indian basil, coriander, curry leaves, green chilies, two varieties of spinach, tomatoes and parsley.
  • There’s something wonderfully comforting about being in the midst of cooking, heating the oil in the pan.
  • Furthermore, letting the mustard seeds splutter and then realizing you need curry leaves.
  • Also,without skipping a beat, just reach over and pull out a sprig, right in your kitchen.
  • Some people spend 3 hours everyday tending to the garden.
  • All it needs is a bit of direct sunlight.
  • And so all you really need is a wall.
  • Everyone has a wall to spare.
  • You can get pots, soil and seeds at a local nursery without spending a bomb.
  • Or get a gardener to set the whole thing up right at your house.
  • In addition to growing everyday herbs like coriander and curry leaves that feature on a daily basis in our food.
  • Most urban youth are growing traditionally medicinal plants like tulasi, carom (ajwain), turmeric and aloe vera too.
  • The surge in green spaces within homes seems to “stem” from a need to have a relaxed atmosphere at home while being productive.
  • Before setting up your own garden, make sure you have the right conditions for the herbs/plants you choose.
  • Most herbs need direct sunlight to thrive, fruits need grafted saplings and lot of room and certain vegetables like tomatoes need a trellis.
  • And you’re well on your way to a healthier lifestyle!

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