Taking a step ahead on the special occasion of Gudi Padwa,  Gurpreet Chadda, a congress Politician and Liza Malik, an actress celebrated this festival among  the slum Children and also helped them by distributing notebooks, pencils, pens, eraser, etc.

Gurpreet and Liza with their team also distributed Samosa Paav, Wada Paav to the children.

As the news of Gurpreet and Liza’s arrival at the Kasaam Nagar slums  spread, onlookers started gathering in no time. An overwhelmingly large section of the fans around were poor children from the slums and streets nearby.

Gurpreet who has also adopted this Slum area always takes this kind of initiatives. She is also a member of Punjabi Global Foundations and since very long time she is into helping the children of slums in any  state and condition.

Liza Malik who is an actor by profession is also into charity as much as possible, but first time she visited the slums and interacted directly with the residents of the slum area.

Children living in slums are far away from education and their bright future.

Hence Gurpreet and Liza not only distributed the gifts to the boys and but also showered their love by hugging them.

Gurpreet and Liza are good friends from a long time and while speaking to media  Gurpreet said, ”We  planned everything in the last 4 – 5 days and at this great occasion of Gudi Padwa we came here to bring smiles on the faces of these children ”.

Gurpreet and Liza also gave a lovely message to all the citizens of India that if we all do little bit of charity from our salary than we can improve the condition of the Slums.


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